Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trans-gender Rock Needs Your Support

One of the things I've slowly accepted during my ten years in Manhattan is that the majority of my friends living here have more interesting jobs than I do. Granted, I work in a nice place, have a great view and occasionally get to go to Court, but the closest I get to the entertainment industry in New York is when I have to step over the camera wires when they are filming an episode of "Law and Order" at New York Supreme.

The multi-faceted, uber-talented Colly Carver, who incidentally has one of the finest butts ever bestowed on a mortal, sent me an email about a documentary/rocumentary he's currently editing for filmmaker Becca Goldstein. "The Lisa Jackson Documentary" traces the unfathomable journey of trans-gender rock star, Lisa Jackson. Go ahead, take a second and try to get your little head twisted around that reality.

As lead singer of Girl Friday, Lisa Jackson is redefining what being a rock star means today. Hers is a story of raw determination fueled by even rawer talent. This lady has something to say and she likes to say it loud.

Take a minute to go to "The Lisa Jackson Documentary" website and read more about this talented trans-gender rocker. If you are so moved, please support their efforts to bring this film to distribution. The makers of this film are already in negotiations with a TV station to purchase the project, but are in desperate need of funds to finish the filming. Any amount helps!

Remember, it's PRIDE Week. Make yourself proud. Support the efforts to get this relevant, important message out.

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